Our products combine the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of hemp with ingredients specially formulated to enhance hemp’s natural healing properties.

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About Us

Not Your Smoke Shop Gummie

The difference between our gummies and the readily available smokeshop gummie are like comparing an apple to apple candy. The most notable difference is the CBD. All smokeshop gummies are mass produced utilizing isolate. Our gummies are handmade small batched using whole plant CBD. Secondly, are our supporting ingrediants. Each gummie is specially formulated utilizing special ingredients that are added for  for their specific healing properties.From low Ph water and Manuka honey to myercine and monk fruit sweetener, our products help to fight pain, support mental function, healthy inflammation response, immune support and more…Our customers are our family, friends and neighbors. Helping the people we care about most is what drives us.

MedFarmCBD began as an idea brought to life by Jonny Von, a lifelong cannabis advocate. In his everyday life, he came across friends and family requiring pain medication and over time needing higher and higher doses. As a long time proponent of cannabis, he sought to advise a more natural healing method.

Utilizing his love of botany and chemistry, Jonny began to experiment with edibles infused with CBD and other supportive ingredients. His “experiments” not only tasted great but and helped lesson their needs  for prescription pain medication. Soon he began spending more time in the kitchen than the green house.

As an advisor to a group New York doctors, Jonny lent his extensive knowledge to a year long New York medical marijuana application process, although the group was one of the 43 applicants they were not chosen, Jonny’s knowledge of infusing CBD with supportive ingredients led to his involvement in developing a nationally distributed CBD beverage.

As the hemp industry continues to weave itself into the fabric of American society, Medfarm Inc is poised to become the conduit for medical legitimacy.